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sanvers rewind | season 2 episode 4: “survivors”


Make Me Choose

Anonymous askedSara/Ava or Alex/Maggie


sanvers rewind | season 2 episode 6: “changing”


Floriana Lima’s depiction of legendary comic-book hero Detective Maggie Sawyer didn’t fail, but maybe Supergirl failed her.

[…] for what Lima was given, script-wise, direction-wise–she took it and she ran like the wind.
Not only is she intelligent, but her guardedness instantly justifies Alex’s attraction to her. Mostly, it’s the ways her micro-expressions develop that prove essential, because the material definitely isn’t.
Surrendering weakness isn’t permanent. Lima knows this, thus Maggie knows this. In “Supergirl Lives”, before Maggie can slip into routine happiness, there’s instant defense when she questions if it’s okay wearing Alex’s T-shirt. Tiny decisions like that exploit Maggie’s general description: “tough on the exterior, vulnerable on the inside”.
It’s small acting choices that boost her chemistry with Leigh and also the limited depth given to Maggie.


  • Hard-headed Maggie that put her pride and hurt aside and was actually the one to go to Alex to make up
  • Insensitive Maggie that was willing to disappear from Alex’s life and give her space, despite how much she started to care about her, if that meant Alex was gonna be happier that way
  • Obsessed with work Maggie that agreed to stay home for the morning just to be a little longer in bed with her girlfriend


Sanvers Week: Best Kisses


My contribution to the #DollyPartonChallenge, #Sanvers-style!


Alex & Maggie: You Are My Sunshine 


sanvers rewind | season 2 episode 4: “survivors”