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himitsumv: “Even in pieces on the floor, I st…


“Even in pieces on the floor, I still need you…”

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Supergirl‘s fourth season, which continues Sunday (The CW, 8/7c), reinforces the idea that “you can find empowerment in many different avenues of life,” star Melissa Benoist tells TVLine, confirming that there’s “not much” romance coming up for the Girl of Steel.

“It’s not that I don’t think there should be any,” she explains, “but I like seeing a woman fending for herself and not thinking about [romance]. If it falls into her lap, great.”

One relationship you can look forward to developing, however, is between Kara and Nia, the new cub reporter she’s mentoring at CatCo Worldwide Media. Though there’s still “some ice to break” between them, Benoist says that pairing will “pay off in really amazing ways.”

That said, it may take a while for Kara to suspect that there’s more to her new mentee than meets the eye. (Specifically, that she’ll eventually suit up as superhero Dreamer.) “What she sees initially is a really smart, capable, intelligent woman with great ideas,” Benoist says. “She just wants to harbor that and help it grow the way Cat Grant did for her.”

And then there’s the “other” Kara, first introduced at the end of the show’s third season finale. Referring to her as “Red Daughter,” Benoist says, “I haven’t really gotten to know her yet fully,” but confirms, “I have spoken some Russian” in the role.





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Supergirl: L-Corp Emergency Lands Brainiac-5…

Supergirl: L-Corp Emergency Lands Brainiac-5 in Hot Water

biinbitch: Miss Grant mentioned you like latt…


Miss Grant mentioned you like lattes…

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2.09 / 4.01



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