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Hello everyone 😉

I’m making this post for everyone who reads Sanvers fanfictions and doesn’t want to read Supercorp in the fics because sometimes fics tagged Sanvers are actually Supercorp ones with a small dash of Sanvers. And who doesn’t want to read a Sanvers only fic ? 😀 Hell I really like Supercorp but sometimes enough is enough I want my Sanvers only fics ^^

Ok so start on this page :*s*Maggie%20Sawyer/works

It’s the page for the Alex Danvers/Maggie Sawyer tag.

Then go on the right and click on Relationships to exclude. You can of course exclude ratings, warnings, crossovers, characters and so on 😀

Then choose Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor

Then click on “Sort and Filter” at the bottom of the filtering window.

Here they are ♥

AO3 is currently moving every member to this new filtering window. You might not have this right now but it will soon be there for you ♥

Have fun reading and don’t hesitate to reblog to bring awareness of this new feature to other Sanvers fans 😉