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* sound of kara’s heart breaking *

#lena keeping her voice light but her FACE #she’s so upset #i refuse to believe that this is anything other than lena looking at kara and knowing full well that she’s supergirl #and it’s all she can do not to just make a scene about it right in that stupid elevator #(like; she wants to but she doesn’t #this is not about her it’s about ruby and sam #they’re both so alone because of everything that’s happening in their own way #lena who wants to lean on her friend kara but she can’t #because kara has made the choice to split herself like this and one half of her is being a jerk #and lena can’t just ignore that half and be bffs with the other half she’s not that type) #kara who – i don’t know if she knows that lena knows #but this is definitely the moment she realizes how focused she’s been on her own experience #and how little she’s thought about lena and what this must be like for her #(sam can’t die and it’s sort of about lena but it’s mostly about ruby and it’s mostly mostly about what it means for kara #if she can’t save sam #it’s mostly about kara not wanting to carry another death around in her heart #and she hasn’t once thought about how lena’s losing one of her dearest ex-girlfriends – sorry friends #and her bff kara hasn’t called to check in on her in how many weeks? #oh) (via @swashbucklery )