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Fan describing how Floriana fought for Sanvers/Maggie after hearing from her on the Ultimates fanmeet [x]

“ because she’s an iconic lesbian comic book character.“

Also, Floriana tried to make a Sanvers spin-off happen, so we could have better representation, she even talked to people about it but it couldn’t happen ‘cause Kreisberg owned all the rights on Maggie and Alex. 

As soon as she left she met the CW to come back, she didn’t tell it to Chyler (probably ‘cause she didn’t wanted her to be disappointed if this didn’t worked out). The talk was coming to a term earlier this year but they took too long so she decided to make Punisher (that’s why there were rumors that she was coming back in February/march). She say that once Punisher is over Supergirl will be her priority if they come back to her with the storylines Maggie’s deserve. 

The be clear, it’s not the storyline that she, Floriana the actress, deserve, but the storyline that the iconic lesbian character Maggie Sawyer deserve, the storyline that we as a community deserve.

Chyler say Kreisberg wanted to kill Maggie when she left to make sure she won’t come back, but he didn’t ‘cause he was afraid of backlash. 

They started the fanmeet by “Now that he’s gone we can say it”. Floriana fought for Maggie and Sanvers as best as she could, don’t ever say that she didn’t, she left ‘cause she couldn’t stay in a toxic environnement.