The True Colors Fund is an organization de…

The True Colors Fund is an organization dedicated to offering aid for disadvantaged youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. Founded by Cyndi Lauper, their efforts specifically center on homeless LGBT youth, as estimations suggest 40% of homeless youth in American identify as LGBT. This staggering statistic encourages those who work with the True Colors Fund to “reduce that disproportionate percentage from 40% to none.” Following this year’s ClexaCon, wherein LGBT fans congregate to celebrate the characters and actors that represent them on screen, fans of Supergirl’s Sanvers (the couple name for Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer) were inspired to take action as well. 

The Maggie Sawyer Matters fundraiser launched on the True Colors Fund on April 12. An excerpt from the page’s mission statement reads, “We’ve decided to fundraise and make this donation in [Maggie’s] name. Every Maggie Sawyer out there deserves our help.” Thus far, their efforts have experienced meteoric success; at the time of writing, over $6,100 USD has been raised.

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