Maggie Sawyer Matters Fundraiser : Update


First of all, we’re all proud to say that we reached 6000 $ in less than 5 days ! This is amazing. Thank for everyone who gave something or shared the link to their followers. All this money is gonna help all the Maggie Sawyer out there who doesn’t have an aunt to help them. 

You can still donate right here :

Floriana Lima saw the fundraiser and couldn’t more proud and happy about it : 


The CEO of TrueColor also noticed us and send an email to thanks everyone. This email is for everyone who gave even one dollar for the fundraiser : 

The Fundraiser is also starting to bring attention and media coverage, Nicola Choi wrote an article about it, you can read it right here :

Please share the link, even if you can’t give anything, sharing is helping.