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This time of the year has come ! It’s a really important poll so be sure to vote as many times as you can and reblog this post to spread the word. ♥

Let’s prove to the showrunners and writers that #SanversMatters and #SanversLivesOn !!!

[Click here to vote] You can re-vote every 5 minutes.

2018 TV Couples March Madness Timeline
Round 1: Thursday, March 1 (10 a.m. PST) – Tuesday, March 6 (9:59 a.m. PST)
Round 2: Tuesday, March 6 (10 a.m.  PST) – Monday, March 12 (9:59 a.m. PST)
Round 3: Monday, March 12 (10 a.m. PST) – Friday, March 16  (9:59 a.m. PST)
Round 4: Friday, March 16 (10 a.m. PST) – Tuesday, March 20 (9:59 a.m. PST)
Round 5: Tuesday, March 20 (10 a.m. PST) – Friday, March 23 (9:59 a.m. PST)
Round 6: Friday, March 23 (10 a.m. PST) – Monday, March 26 (10 a.m. PST)
Winners announced: Monday, March 26

Kisses and love from @4alarmfirecracker


Round 2 is here and we’re against Bellarke ! I’m counting on all of you this one is gonna be hard. ♥

We passed 100k votes since the beginning of the month ! Keep going we can do it ♥

We lose more and more votes by the minute come on guys I know you’re all watching Jessica Jones but try to vote every 5 min or at least once an hour. If every follower I have would vite at least 1 time an hour, it would help us so much.


Seriously every 10 min they gain 200 votes ! 

Let’s step it up y’all :O


Yeah I’ve heard 🙁 We had 9k votes more than them yesterday and now they have 6500 more votes than us. They gain hundreds of votes on us every damn minute. You can find proof here :

This fandom is known for cheating in every damn poll. We need to call Zimbio harder to disqualify them or we won’t vote in that poll ! I know some of us have sent them mails but they don’t seem to care bc they have clicks. We need to hit them on social medias. Here’s what I propose : send to the twitters (below) the images and call them out on Bellarke cheating using bots and scripts to vote. We need to pressure them into disqualifying Bell!rke.




If you have more twitter names shoot them my way I’ll add them ♥

Don’t hesitate to use the hashtag #sanvers

I’ve seen people use this hashtag; I personally love it !  #ZimbioStandsWithCheaters

Keep voting we’re closing the gap ! 

We can do it guys only 3:30 left ! We can’t let them win this …

60 min left … everyone, go vote every 5 min for Sanvers ♥

The bots and scripts won guys but every fandom who participates in this poll they know we deserved winning and Bell!rke fandom made a fool of themselves in front of all the fandoms.

We won’t stop fighting we can still talk about Sanvers on our side and do things to let the writers and producers know we love Sanvers with all our heart.

I love you all and thanks for voting. We all know that THIS is what true love looks like ♥

I invite you now to boycott completely this poll. Don’t vote. Stop giving them clicks.